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Upkeep Loans

Loan application

For an applicant to be able to apply for a loan they need to satisfy the eligibility criteria set by the Board. Only applicants from the list of approved institutions shall be able to apply for a loan.


Who is eligible?

All applicants must meet the following requirements?

  • Must be a needy Malawian Admitted into a Generic, Fully Accredited/ Registered Institution (Private and Public) with a National ID.
  • Must have Six Credits in MSCE or its Equivalent.
  • Must be a Continuing Student who has Passed the Examinations Necessary to enable Him/Her to Advance to the Next Year or Stage of Study.
  • Must be a Student not Fully Funded by other Organizations or Sources.
  • Must not have Attended an Elite School unless there is Evidence-Demonstrating Neediness.
  • Must have Verifiable good Conduct and Commitment to Studies.
  • Commitment to Pay Back the Loan.


Supporting documents

All applicants MUST submit their application with the following documents

  • Copy of the applicant’s National ID with correct and relevant names or an NRB form with a system-generated sticker
  • Copy of the University/College admission letter or an extract of the NCHE’s Press Release bearing the student’s name
  • Parents/ Guardian National ID
  • Death certificate of parents if applicable
  • Deposit slip of MK 7,500.00 non-refundable processing fee (CASH).


Loan processing calendar

The Board runs a seven-stage process to receive and scrutinize loan applications and disburse the loans:

StageCore ActivityDetails
1ApplicationOnline application submission;
2ScreeningApplications are screened against eligibility criteria; Process is jointly done by HESLGB and University/College Administrators.
3Provisional approvalHESLGB Board of Directors announces the list of students whose loans have been provisionally approved.
4Publicity of provisional lists of beneficiary studentsList of provisionally approved loans is published in the press for public scrutiny.
5VettingJointly done by HESLGB and University/College administrators to remove students who are on scholarships, or are repeating a year of study on academic grounds, or have been withdrawn on academic grounds, or with other sources of financing their education.
6BondingThe successful applicant signs a loan contract
7.DisbursementHESLGB disburses tuition fees to university/college accounts; and upkeep to student accounts