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Loan Repayment


All loans are due for repayment two years after the successful or unsuccessful completion of studies.

A grace period of two years is granted before interest charges commence.

All loans attract a 15 percent interest per annum.

A period of five years is provided for loan beneficiaries to complete the loan repayment.


Repayment modes

  • Monthly deductions from the beneficiary’s salary by his or her employer.
  • Direct monthly payments to the HESLGB by beneficiaries.
  • One-off payment of total loan amount plus interest due.


Loan Balance Enquiry

To enquire about your loan balance email us to or call

+265 992 349 160

+265 885 890 520


Include the following details in your enquiry:

  • Full Name (maiden name for married females)
  • Years of Study
  • Name of College / University
  • Student Reg No
  • National Identity No.


To make payment for your loan

Cash, Cheque or online Payments are Accepted to:


National Bank

Account Number:1002261808
Account Name: Higher Education Loans Recovery Account
Branch: City Centre


NBS Bank

Account Number:21942219
Account Name: HESLGB Recoveries


For us to issue a payment receipt and letter of completion send a proof of payment to:

+265 885 890 520, +265 992 349 160