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Students Grants

Terms and Conditions for Grants Disbursement

  1. A student may be awarded a grant either based on his/her exceptional academic performance or the importance of the programme of study he/she has been admitted to, as may be determined by the Board from time to time. This means that a student will be required to have a distinction at the end of the academic year and not only in the first or second semester;
  2. The selection process of students to be considered for award of grants shall take into consideration gender balance as provided in the Gender Equality Act;
  3. Students shall start receiving grants in second year upon outstanding academic performance in first year. There shall be no other entry point beyond into the grants sub scheme beyond second year;
  4. Students shall continue to be on the grants sub scheme depending on sustained outstanding academic performance used at point of entry; and
  5. The Board, in collaboration with college/university administrators, shall annually access academic results of all students on grants sub scheme. Students shall be removed from the grants sub scheme upon verifiable gross indiscipline and lapse from outstanding performance.


Selection and Unveiling of Grant Beneficiaries

The selection and unveiling process of students to be considered for award of grants shall involve the following steps:

Step 1:
University/College Registrars shall be required to annually submit lists of academically outstanding students to the Board.

Step 2: 
The Loans and Grants Disbursement Committee of the Board shall scrutinize the information from universities/colleges and then make recommendations to the main Board.

Step 3: 
The Board shall assess the recommendations and approve the list of beneficiaries.

Step 4: 
The Board shall organize a high level function to publicly and symbolically to give out grants to the successful students for that particular academic year.