Eligibility Criteria

The Eligibility Criteria has been developed to defines the criteria for applying for the Loan scheme.

Eligible students for loans must meet the following conditions
  • Must be needy Malawian citizens who has been admitted into a fully accredited/registered Higher Learning Institution (private and public) as a candidate for a higher Diploma and or first degree on full time basis in an accredited program or course.
  • Must be a needy female student.
  • Must be a student with six credits in MSCE or its equivalent upon getting admitted to a registered/accredited higher learning institution.
  • Must be a continuing student who has passed the examinations necessary to enable him/her to advance to the next year or stage of study and therefore are not mature entry, weekend program, repeating, distant learning, up-grading and general diploma students.
  • Must be a person who is not fully funded by other organizations or sources.
  • Must not have attended an elite school unless there is evidence demonstrating neediness.
  • Must have verifiable conduct and commitment to studies
For the Loans Board, a NEEDY student means
  • A poor orphan (who has lost both parents
  • Must be a needy female student.
  • A poor applicant with disability or applicants whose parents have disability and are poor.
  • A poor applicant who has lost one parent..
  • An applicant from poor family.
  • An applicant who has not inherited any property, estate or fortune that can finance education;.
  • An applicant from low income family earning national minimum wage or below;
  • An applicant who does not have any source of income to meet costs of either tuition only or and upkeep and or stationery.