The Higher Education Students’ Loans and Grants Board (HESLGB) is pleased to announce to all accredited higher education institutions, continuing and newly selected students in accredited higher education institutions, parents/guardians, and the general public that on 18th September 2023, the Board approved a provisional list of loans for higher education students for the 2023/2024 academic year. The successful applicants will be subjected to a Vetting and Bonding process which is jointly carried out by the Board and respective University/College administrators.

The Board would like to make a special appeal to all its stakeholders and the general public to provide feedback on the provisionally approved names directly to the Secretariat of the Board or through the offices of Registrars or Deans of Students of each respective higher education institution, in case there are individual students who are on the provisionally approved list but are not needy. This information will help in effective targeting of really needy and deserving students and contribute to reducing the error of including non-needy and undeserving students on the list of beneficiaries.

Click the University/College name to access the provisional lists

  1. African Bible College

  2. Blantyre International University

  3. Catholic University of Malawi

  4. Daeyang University

  5. DMI-St John The Baptist

  6. Domasi College of Education

  7. Emmanuel University

  8. Exploits University

  9. Jubilee University

  10. Kamuzu University of Health Sciences

  11. Lake Malawi Anglican University

  12. Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources

  13. Malawi Adventist University

  14. Malawi Assemblies of God University

  15. Malawi College of Accountancy

  16. Malawi School of Government

  17. Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences

  18. Malawi University of Science and Technology

  19. Marble Hill University

  20. Mzuzu University

  21. Nalikule College of Education

  22. Nkhoma University

  23. Pentecostal Life University

  24. Skyway University

  25. University of Blantyre Synod

  26. University of Lilongwe

  27. University of Livingstonia

  28. University of Malawi


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