1. Introduction

The higher education students’ Loans and Grants Board (HESLGB) was constituted by the Act Number 2 of Parliament of March 2015 According to Section 4 of the Act, the two mandates in recovery of loans are;

Sec 4 (h) Establish operational links with employers of loan beneficiaries for the purpose of facilitating the recovery of students loans;

Sec 4. (k) Notwithstanding the limitation of the Act, with the assistance of the students’ respective employers or otherwise in accordance with the provision of this Act, recover outstanding loans that were granted to students under students’ loan schemes which were introduced in the 1985/1986 until the commencement of the Act. 


  1. Responsibility of a loan beneficiary and the employers on loan repayment

The HESLGB Act is very explicit in Sec. 27; on the duties and responsibilities of a loan beneficiary and the employer in ensuring that the loan is repaid. The Board is therefore being empowered under Sec. 30. (1) Which stipulates that;

An employer who fails, without reasonable cause, to notify the Board that s/he has in his employment, a loan beneficiary after being made aware of such a fact, within the period specified under section 4.0, commits an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine of one million Malawi Kwachas (K1, 000,000.00). It further emphasizes in 30. (2) that an employer who fails to deduct, or after having deducted a loan repayment from a loan beneficiary, fails to pay such deduction to the Board within the period specified under section 4.0, shall be liable to pay a sum equal to ten percent of the total amount of the monthly repayment for each month or part of the month that the repayment remains unpaid.

It is in view of the above that the Board is strongly reminding all the loan beneficiaries from 1985 to seriously consider paying back the matured loans to the Board as soon as possible. Soon after this notice, the Board will publish in high circulating daily newspapers the names of those who are reluctant to pay their matured loans so that the growing number of needy students in the local accredited private and public universities can benefit from the facility

The Board will have no option but start enforcing the law that will include civil suits and criminal prosecutions in corroboration with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, and according to the laws of Malawi.

Below is how the former loan beneficiaries can pay back the loans;

For cash, Cheque, and Online you can deposit into our FDH Account Number: 1380000022625. Account Name: Student Loans Collection Account, held at Capital City Branch or

National Bank of Malawi; Account Number; 1002261808; Account Name: Higher Education Loans Recovery Account held at City Centre Branch.

Starting from this month of January, 2022, interest will be recalculated.

Once a deposit has been made, please send us the copy of the slip and a receipt will be issued

You can call the following numbers for assistance; 0999236206; 0999447621; 0999871877 or email;



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